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"Afrobeat Highlife Crossing"


AFROBEAT and HIGHLIFE music from Nigeria are CROSSING in CHIEF UDOH ESSIET 's upcoming album, set for release in 2018 on Uwem Music.

Authentic AFRICAN RHYTHM and feeling, from a WORLD BEAT artist based in Paris. The former Fela Kuti solo congas player, master of the talking drum, crosses his traditional roots with Old School West African HIGHLIFE and AFROBEAT groove.

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Chief Udoh Essiet - Afrobeat Highlife Crossing

Afrobeat Highlife Crossing

“It always helps if a band has a star who oozes charisma and musicality in equal proportions, and few percussionists in the world can match the fusion of these qualities in Chief Udoh Essiet” - Alyn Shipton, London Times

Chief Udoh Essiet's album "Afrobeat Highlife Crossing" features his LIVE band sound, including a five-piece horn section, intertwining guitars and keyboards, chorus singers, and his powerful Nigerian rhythm.

Chief Udoh Essiet - Time For Highlife


Chief Udoh Essiet

"..features great world-beat African sounds made for dancing like 'Bonsue', 'Why You Do Me So?', and 'Time For Highlife'." - Eric Steiner,

Chief Udoh's 1999 acoustic album "Time For Highlife" is now available on the following sites worldwide:

Listen and purchase on Chief Udoh's Bandcamp page.

Chief Udoh Essiet - Afrobeat Blaster


No Condition Is Permanent

Pure Afrobeat with a full horn section, produced and arranged by Chief Udoh Essiet and Sherry Margolin. Listen to these classic tracks that were ahead of their time.

Chief Udoh's 1991 album "Afrobeat Blaster" has just been digitally re-issued. Check out the Afrobeat groove.

Listen and purchase on Chief Udoh's Bandcamp page.

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